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Grange is one of the top UK Prep Schools

The Grange, Monmouth Preparatory School, recently commissioned RSAcademics to carry out an independent parental survey on the School.  RSAcademics is a leading market research consultant for the independent school sector.

The survey results were so impressive that The Grange achieved amongst the highest satisfaction and advocacy scores of any of the prep schools previously researched by RSAcademics.  96% of the parents would “definitely recommend” the school to others while 4% would “probably recommend” the school to others.  The Grange did not fall short of expectations for any parent responding to this survey.

The survey asked parents to rate 38 school features such as the quality of teaching, range of subjects, sporting opportunities, behaviour and manner of pupils and approachability of staff.  Compared with 31 other prep schools across the UK, The Grange was in the top 3 schools for 23 of the 38 features.

Parents tended to describe The Grange as ‘dedicated’, ‘rounded’, ‘academic’ and ‘welcoming’ and, on a scale indicating a feeling of warmth towards the School, results were on average 10% higher than that of other schools surveyed.  One parent commented, “All my dealings with the school have been hugely enjoyable; quite honestly I can't find fault. The growth and educational benefits for my son have been incalculable.”

Mrs Elaine Thomas, Head of the Grange said, “We were delighted with the positive feedback we received.   This research has given the staff a real boost and we will, of course, act on the findings to improve things still further.  Our over-riding aim, always, is to deliver the very best education for boys aged 7 to 11 in these vitally important years.”

“I am so pleased to have entrusted the education and development of my two boys to The Grange. Thank you.”

The outstanding and inspiring leadership of Mrs Thomas which sets a strong and inclusive tone adopted by all staff. Beautiful facilities, great range of opportunities, choir, orchestra, high standards expected of all boys that inspire feelings of pride in the boys and motivate them to look good work hard and get organised / support one another.

Welcoming culture, very academic but gets results by employing a curriculum that inspires the boys, small class sizes, more individual attention, extremely approachable teachers who look and sound like they love their jobs, I would have loved to have attended.